On the heart’, digital art, Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk 2019

NFT On Demand. Available blockchains: Solana, Ethereum. NFT can be created under one of 2 types of digital asset copyright licenses - it depends on your needs:

1) "Reproduction/Commercial exploitation". Read more here

2) "Public display/Non-Commercial exploitation". Read more here

Details can be discussed after the purchase. 


'On the heart’

VAT Included
  • Shipping method

    Digital item. Delivery online.

  • Returns

    Once a digital artwork is purchased and NFT transfer is completed - returns are not accepted.

    IMPORTANT: Each of digital artworks can be sold only once. It means that buyer will have exclusive rights to the purchased digital item (including further commercial use of it). 

  • Payment methods

    PayPal, traditional bank transfer, cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, SOL (any other - let us know)