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Artist. Fashion Designer. A member of the international association of Visual Artists IAVAARTS based in Florence, under the patronage of UNESCO. On the list of art leaders in the Australian edition of Capsules Book, 3rd edition of “Leaders in contemporary art”. Holding a CFE badge from Circle Foundation Featured Artist in Paris.

Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk was born in Warsaw, September 21, 1975. She graduated form Silesian University of the name Krzystof Kieślowski, Department of Radio and Television with the title of television and film production manager. She also graduated from MBA International Marketing at the Higher School of Trade and International Finance in Warsaw. Since 2006, Kamila has participated in many projects as a graphic designer. In 2001 she opened The Artistic Advertising Agency, working on BTL/ATL design as an art director, continuing her professional profile. The designer has been creating the image of HBO in Poland for 20 years. Her greatest passion is painting. In addition, she is engaged in wall decor- painting directly on the wall of architectural interior,  an artistic wallpaper, as well as in fashion art, designing bags and other accessories.

“Creating is as natural for me as natural is the desire to surround the objects around me with a positive sound. I devote a lot of attention to the combinations of colours and shapes analysed in the context of their mutual interactions.  To me, design is like wearing art all the time.” /KST/

Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk, commercial art designer, photographer,  manager of television and film production, has been painting and designing in wide areas of art and commercial. Since 1998 she has been drawing with an oil pastel and painting on canvas in acrylic and oil techniques. The painter is passionate about colour composition, pure abstraction or mapping reality close to abstraction. She is also interested in female portraits, still life and landscapes. Her works consist of many illustrations in the field of fashion, light sketches in pencil and a mapping pen. Professionally, over several years, Kamila has simultaneously performed a lot of work in the field of BLT/ALT graphic design for the companies, creating the brand image as an art director. Creating all kinds of corporate and identification materials (logos, brochures, newspaper advertising, web design, etc.) she revealed her favour for simplicity and minimalist but expressive style. Since 2006 Kamila has started designing hand-painted bags, and since 2015 she has been working on fashion art, creating individual projects in the field of fashion for accessories. There is a wide range of shopper bags, designer luggage, trunks and toolboxes for beauticians, pouches and sachets, also available as unisex. For architectural interior you can find decorative pillows. Everything is shrouded in Kamila’s painting, in a modern style with a hint of romance. A great passion of the designer is also a wall décor, art for walls, applying the composition of colours or abstraction in architectural interiors like apartment buildings, showrooms, restaurants, banking institutions, hotels or lofts. According to individual preferences, it is done in the form of a la wallpaper or by hand. You can learn more about Kamila and her artistic life by visiting her site kamilastefaniatkaczyk.com/en/


Corporate Finance Professional, having international experience while working at financial institutions, international corporates, fintech companies. Passionate about the practical application of blockchain technology. Crypto blogger. Author of the book "How to Become Crypto Investor". Member of the Polish Blockchain Association.

Christina Kucińska was born in 1985 in Abkhazia - officially the Republic of Abkhazia, a small country that is a partially recognized separatist state in the South Caucasus. She came to Poland in 2000 as a 15-year-old refugee girl, escaping a protracted war between Abkhazia and Georgia. In 2010 Christina graduated with a Master of Banking and Finance from Warsaw School of Economics.


Her professional life was interesting and intense. Having gained some experience in Treasury Departments of such companies as Volkswagen Bank and Colgate-Palmolive in Warsaw, Christina continued her career in Switzerland (Basel), where she moved in 2014. In Switzerland, Christina was responsible for cash management, short term investment management, risk management etc. of a huge international company. Under her management was about 2bln USD of cash. In 2020, due to family circumstances, she moved back to Warsaw (Poland), where she currently lives and works as an EMEA Treasury Manager at PayU (an American fintech company that provides payment technology to online merchants). 

Her passion for Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain industry started in 2017. Back then, Christina bought her first Bitcoins (and keeping it until now). She is an author of a book "How to become a crypto investor", which helps people to take their first steps in crypto world. She is also an author of a blog www.cryptoqueen.pl run for Polish crypto community. 

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We are friends. 

Our friendship started many years ago when I was a 17 years old girl. When we met I was studying finance and banking at one of the best polish economic universities - Warsaw School of Economics. Kamila was (and she still is) an artist with capital „A”, who loves jazz. Most of her artworks saw daylight while listening to jazz. Hence the name of our project :) 

Now I am a Treasury manager working at an American fin-tech company, loving crypto and blockchain world. Kamila is an internationally recognized artist whose pieces of art are being listed and sold by such galleries as Paks Gallery (Munich, Germany), Azur Gallery (Madrid, Spain), Vang Gogh Art Gallery (Madrid, Spain), Onlinegallery.art (Netherland), Galeria Xanadu (Poland). Recently Kamila got recognized and awarded by Circle Foundation for the Arts, which maintains a small and exclusive selection of Featured Artists.

About JuzzyNFT.Art

We both love art (she loves it more:)). We both like helping others. By creating JuzzyNFT.Art, we want spread an idea to share. To share with those who need our help. JazzyNFT.Art is a set of special, unique collections of NFTs created on Solana and Ethereum blockchains. NFTs bought by you will give you proof of ownership of absolutely unique digital artworks created by Kamila. It also gives you the proof that 10% of the amount which you paid goes directly to people who need help.

Buy buying JazzyNFT created by Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk, you are not only getting an amazing and unique piece of art, which price can grow within the time, but you can also participate in helping others. How so? 

10% of the proceeds from the sale of JazzyNFT collections will be donated to charitable foundations, helping adults and kids suffering from incurable diseases.

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